Addictive Reads

Welcome to Addictive Reads!

This will be a review site for books that I truly enjoy. There will be no books listed here that are under 4-stars.  As the title implies, it will be for Addictive Reads only. I have a ton of books I need to read and review already, so as of now, I won’t be taking submissions. This may change and I’ll let you know if and when it does.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of discovery that will immerse you in other worlds, settings, and characters you can’t get enough of.

Sign up for email notices of new posts at the bottom of this page. That way you won’t miss out on awesome books.

I’ll be posting some previous reviews from books I’ve enjoyed in just a few days. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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Paige Carter: Season 1 (Yours free just for participating)

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How it all began… Meet Paige Carter, Manti’s Newest Deputy. This is a police procedural series. Each new episode introduces a new crime that needs to be solved. In Season 1, Paige Carter resigned from the FBI and moved to Manti, Utah. She secures a job with the local Sheriff’s Office and immediately learns someone is not happy she moved back to town.  Season 1 includes 9 full episodes.

Book Bundle…

Mount Haven




Recent Posts…

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